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Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Navigating an unplanned pregnancy presents considerable stressors that often leave a young mother at greater risk. Our program offers services and activities to equip expectant teen mothers with the skills and knowledge to successfully prepare for their unborn infant and care for their new baby. Our model was designed to help young adults care for themselves and their infant’s physical, mental, social, and emotional needs.

What We Do
Christ’s Home’s Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program is licensed as a community-based residential placement that provides a homelike environment for youth who are pregnant, or who have recently delivered a baby and who are involved in the child welfare system.

Our program serves up to five mothers and their babies. The Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program delivers high-quality services that effectively empower teen mothers. Well-trained, nurturing staff provide 24-hour support with compassion and care that allows young mothers to focus on their future with confidence. The direct support built into the program encourages teen mothers to complete high school, pursue postsecondary education, find and maintain employment, and obtain childcare assistance. It also allows access to appropriate healthcare preventive services including medical, mental health, substance abuse, and more in a safe and healthy environment.

Teens who enter the program voluntarily receive resiliency-focused, trauma-informed care and services that support their strengths while building upon their skill sets. Christ’s Home recognizes the broad impacts of trauma and the unique experiences of parenting youth. Our staff helps youth to focus on healing, build natural support, understand childhood development, practice new parenting skills, and support each other to build positive connections. The Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program is centered on eight core values: trauma-informed care, physical site safety, meaningful family involvement, meaningful child interaction, visitation, youth skill development, enhanced staff training, and teaming.

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