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Christ’s Home holds Update Breakfast

When Philip Long remembers the 15 months he spent at Christ’s Home for Children, located at 3182 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise, he recalls a “peaceful and stable period of time.” In fact, he said he has virtually no bad memories of the time he lived there with his siblings in 1974 and 1975.

Although Long’s memories of being brought to the home by his parents are traumatic, his experience at the home was such that when it was time to leave with his parents, he hid in a closet. “I did not want to go,” recalled Long. “I didn’t hate my parents, but it felt better being (at Christ’s Home).”

Founded in 1903, Christ’s Home for Children works to provide services to children in need with a focus on love, dignity, compassion, and respect. On Sept. 21, the organization held a CEO Update Breakfast at the Eden Resort & Suites in Lancaster. The development team, which included vice president of corporate operation George Zauflik, director of development Brenda Greene, and executive administrative assistant Amy Trowbridge, was joined by a number of supporters.

During the breakfast, Christ’s Home CEO John Bryant discussed the rich history of the organization and highlighted upcoming projects. Time was devoted to children’s services available at Christ’s Home’s local Paradise Campus as well as the ongoing need to serve teenagers on the Warminster Campus.

Long’s memories of living in the Paradise home include attending Paradise Elementary School, playing football, going to summer camp, and even getting into a little mischief. “I did normal stuff … the usual kid stuff,” Long recalled. He remembers the house parents he lived with were named Marilyn and Craig, and he remembers what they offered to him and his two younger brothers. “They (were) committed to that lifestyle and that work,” he said. “We had a home, food, structure, consistency. We had support.”

In the last year, Long reconnected with Christ’s Home. “I felt I needed to go back there,” he said, adding that he hopes to get more involved with the organization in the future. “I could talk to kids and share my experience, which has been generally happy and successful,” said Long, who is now the chief credit officer for a commercial real estate firm located in Ambler. “I could talk to employees,” said Long, noting that as an adult, he can share his perspective of what it was like to be a child living at the home. “It was a defining moment in my life,” Long said of being taken to the facility. “But I left Christ’s Home in better shape than when I got there. I was better prepared to face what was coming.”

At the breakfast, the organization celebrated the international ministries Christ’s Home supports in Mexico, India, Kenya, and Ukraine, providing the opportunity for meaningful dialogue about ways to contribute to the Christ’s Home mission.

Long is impressed by the longevity and dedication of the organization. “What I think is amazing about the place is how long it has been there doing the same thing with the same mission,” he said. “That says a lot about the depth of commitment of that organization. You aren’t around that long if you aren’t doing it well.”

Readers who would like to learn more about how to become involved in Christ’s Home may call 215-956-2393 or email

Floppi Greenwood (left), longtime supporter of Christ’s Home, is greeted by John Bryant, president and CEO of the organization, at the CEO Update Breakfast held at the Eden Resort & Suites on Sept. 21.

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